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What is Functional Reflex Therapy?

Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) was developed by Lorraine Senior, a reflexologist, and an experienced teacher working for over 20 years with children and adults with special needs.
It is a combination of positive touch relaxation movements, drawn from traditional reflexology, and was primarily aimed at children and adults with autism, autistic spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, learning difficulties and complex needs, to provide 'in the moment' relaxation that may create conditions enabling them to prepare for on-going activities.
It is unique in that it encourages those both giving and receiving the sessions to use objects of reference, symbols and photographs that may help promote communication.

FRT for stress, anxiety depression

Due to the effect that FRT may have on the sympathetic nervous system, that is the system which prepares us for 'fight or flight', both calming the production of the stress hormones including cortisol, and increasing production of the 'happy' hormones, such as serotonin, the routine can be extremely beneficial for those experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  The routine can be used in the home at times of need to help induce relaxation and re-balance.

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